I majored in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of California San Diego where I graduated as top designer of my class in 2014. After interning for famed southern California streetwear brand “Us Versus Them”, I went on to design at Skinit.com, Active Ride Shop, The Nomadik, and now MCAS Miramar. I currently lead the MCCS San Diego graphics team and assist in the worldwide marketing efforts and art asset creation for all of the Marine Corps.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like typographic treatments, advanced photo manipulation, mural design for a local San Diego graffiti team, and logo design. I strongly believe that complacency kills creativity and I make sure to constantly work on perfecting my craft, testing new mediums, and intentionally stepping out of my comfort zone to ensure that I can be seen as a Jack of all trades.

My creative approach - no matter the project - is to try to understand my clients on an aesthetic level. I usually try to have a friendly consultation or chat with a new client to really discover what they find visually appealing, then I take what I’ve gathered from that conversation and try to blend their artistic desires with my personal style to develop an end product that all parties involved can be proud of.

For me, a good designer is not a “yes man”. I strongly believe in giving my clients honest feedback on what design tactics will or will not achieve the goal they have in mind for their project. A good designer can flex and bend to meet the needs of their employers, but should not abandon all personal opinions and styles in the process.

“I am the pencil-pushing, mouse-clicking, concept-creating solution to all of your visual communication needs.”